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The Ministry of Interior cancels 15 NGOs, more than half of which are religious

"Most of the canceled NGOs are religious associations, both Catholic and evangelical. In what has transpired this year, 35 non-profit organizations have already been suppressed."

The Ministry of the Interior, under the control of the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega, canceled 15 non-profit organizations (NGOs), seven for non-compliance with laws and eight for “voluntary dissolution of members,” according to ministerial agreements published this Tuesday, February 6th, in the official gazette La Gaceta.

This third cancellation, since the beginning of 2024, adds up to 35 NGOs suppressed. The most affected have been religious associations, both Evangelical and Catholic, which in recent years have become targets of repression by the Ortega regime.

Ministerial Agreement 05-2024 establishes the cancellation of seven NGOs “for non-compliance with laws,” supposedly because they did not report their financial statements for periods ranging from two to 11 years according to fiscal periods, with detailed breakdowns of income and expenses, trial balances, details of donations (origin, source, and ultimate beneficiary), and boards of directors. These are:

1 Viviendas León.

2 Sonati-Nicaragua Association.

3 Centro Misionero Esperanza de Dios Church Association.

4 Rescuing Footprints Foundation.

5 Rescuing Footprints Foundation.

6 Global Partnerships

7 Sicar Evangelical Church Association “IES”.

“By voluntary dissolution”

Ministerial Agreement 06-2024 establishes the cancellation of legal personality and registration of the following eight NGOs, due to “voluntary dissolution of members”:

1 Nicaragua Joven Foundation.

2 Ministry Healer Isaiah 53-5 Association.

3 Bethlehem Laity Association San Miguel Archangel of Nicaragua.

4 New Image of Woman Christian Foundation.

5 Central American Microfinance Network.

6 Christian Ministry Pentecostal Church, Throne of Jehovah Association.

7 Nicaraguan Association of Private Insurers.

8 Christian Ministry Under His Presence Association.

The voluntary dissolutions of NGOs, as explained by analysts, basically mean that these organizations have been forced to close “voluntarily” to prevent the Ortega dictatorship from seizing their assets, as is the case with the canceled organizations.

Since 2018, more than 3,500 NGOs have been canceled, according to the count of Nicaraguan organizations working in exile. The cancellations began with nine NGOs in 2018, amid armed repression against civilian protests. These organizations were represented by opponents and/or critics of the Daniel Ortega regime.

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