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Laureano Ortega considers sanctions as “medals” of honor

During an interview in Russia, Laureano Ortega insisted that they have "support and solidarity in all moments, at all times" with Putin

Laureano Ortega Murillo, the son of Nicaragua’s dictatorial couple and representative of dictator Daniel Ortega in relations with Russia, stated that they consider the economic sanctions imposed on them as “medals” of honor.

“We in many ways even consider them as medals because every time we are sanctioned, we see that we are doing something right, otherwise they wouldn’t do it,” said Ortega Murillo, who serves as a presidential advisor on international cooperation, during an interview with the Russian media RT.

He also added that these are desperate measures or “the last kicks of a dying horse” – as they are known in the region – to destabilize countries, but they have not had the effect they seek. Regarding how they have dealt with these sanctions, he says they have relied on programs through financial cooperation.

Calls sanctions “illegal aggressions”

Laureano Ortega Murillo asserted that cooperation between both countries continues and has borne fruit despite the economic sanctions, which he described as “illegal aggressions.”

He expressed his hope that “the dominance of the dollar empire will end” as new emerging economies develop and advance.

Daniel Ortega´s son and his “presidential advisor” also pointed out that Nicaragua is promoting loans and financing with Russia and China in yuan and rubles. “So that these currencies can be strengthened globally and so that we do not depend solely on one currency, on a system that has sadly been used for blackmail and economic terrorism by the US and its European allies,” he added.

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Nicaragua applied to become a member of BRICS

Laureano Ortega Murillo also stated that Nicaragua applied to assume the pro tempore presidency of BRICS group and to become a partner country. Regarding this, he mentioned that they expect a response in the short or medium term.

The BRICS is a group of countries started by of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, and according to BBC Mundo, “it was designed to bring together the most important developing countries in the world to challenge the political and economic power of the wealthiest nations in North America and Western Europe.

Ortega Murillo, who participated in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum as a special envoy of the dictator Daniel Ortega, stated that they are seeking to establish new links with other allied countries. He also highlighted the cooperation alliance maintained with China.

“Nicaragua is always open to trade and cooperation with all countries in the world because we understand that peoples are one thing and governments are another; and we keep investments open and constant from the United States, from Mexico, from Europe, and promoting new markets like Russia and China,” he stated during the interview.

Medicine and vaccines

According to Ortega Murillo, the healthcare sector is the most important area of cooperation between Russia and Nicaragua, where they have focused their efforts, and he said, “we are at a very high level.”

He also stated that these agreements have yielded “extraordinary” results, benefiting the population, and where Russian technology has been incorporated in Nicaragua and from this country to the rest of Central American and Latin American countries.

“We have concentrated our efforts on the developments of the Mechnikov plant,” he assured. He mentioned the continuity of influenza vaccine production at the plant and the new vaccines against Human Papillomavirus being administered in the country.

He mentioned that technology transfers are underway for the production of these vaccines in Managua. He added that work is underway on vaccines against dengue, insulin, and a project for a Nuclear Medicine Center, which would enable the establishment of a hospital to provide cancer treatment in Nicaragua.

Laureano Ortega insists that they support Russia

Ortega Murillo said that they support the initiative promoted by Brazil and Mexico for peace in Ukraine but insisted that they stand with Russia and mentioned that the obstacle to ending the war between the two countries is the United States and its European allies, as they finance and fuel “hatred in Ukraine”.

The son of the dictatorial couple said that they feel admiration and gratitude for the cooperation that Russia has with countries around the world, especially with Nicaragua.

“It is very gratifying for us to share with our Russian brothers the progress in cooperation programs, to continue with projects and programs, and to reaffirm our unconditional support and solidarity in all moments, at all times,” he stated.

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